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We are providing Information Technology solutions with technology partners:


Cloud SaaS

ASG Software able to provide Cloud based software as a service solution.

Network Security

Powerful speedfusion technology to replace costly MPLS network and providing high availability and performance. Cloud based management and unique WIFI on the run in fleet management is also provided

CCTV, Archiving

Sepctralogic solutions include CCTV, archiving, and tape storage

Data Protection and archiving

Time Navigator enterprise backup solution provide cross platform data protection include Windows/UNIX/Linux and IBM i Series.


Digital Archive provides data archiving for long germ retention for data in video editing, R&D and industry with large image and data files.


Live Navigator provides continuous data protection for desktop user. Private cloud backup for over LAN/WAN and WWW.


Enteprise level storage specialist in providing various storage related solutions.


Primary storage in VNX series of storage provide performance and reliability


Data Domain virtual library provide unique dada deduplication function for data protection and archive purposes.


Networker software to povide enterprise backup and recovery management systems


IBM infrastructure in virtualization and storage networking.

Cloud Mobility

Corporate users now can enjoy drop-box alike file sharing in a secured own data center.


User can access files via desktop/laptop/Mobile and tablet.

Email Archiving

Email archiving will reduce the capacity required by moving out dated or less important email message to a lower cost storage

Resource Monitoring and Planning

Solarwinds suite of solutions for data center include server and network monitoring, capacity planning, help desks, and log analysis

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